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Three glasses of refreshing drinks with colorful rice straws, a sustainable alternative to plastic straws

A Step Towards  Zero Waste


Who are we

WHo are we?

The Official Distributors of RiceStraws™ in Singapore.

Our Purpose
A glass of hot tea with colorful biodegradable rice straws, a sustainable choice for your next drink.

our purpose

Single-use plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues, and that includes single-use plastic straws. We understand that it is hard for consumers to go without straws entirely, and hence we would like to provide an environmentally friendly solution, RiceStraws™ .

ABOUT RiceStraws™

Our Products Journey

characteristics of our Rice straw

100% biodegradable

Fully biodegrades

in 90 days

100% Edible

Made of broken rice flour and tapioca starch

Beige Rice Straw


Come in different sizes and packaging



Lasts optimally for 2 hours

in cold drinks


An alternative to plastic straws

Can be used as

Fertiliser or animal feed


Available Colours

Straws colours.png
Beige Rice Straw

6.5 mm [ Soda ]

Green Rice Straw

8 mm [ Frappe ]

Red Rice Straw

9 mm [ Frappe+ ]

Yellow Rice Straw

13 mm [ Boba ]

Available Sizes

Durability test

Iced Americano (9℃)

Durability ice tea .png

      0H                0.5H               1H               1.5H            2H

Ice water

Durability Cold water.png

      0H                   0.5H             1H              1.5H             2H

Ice soft drink

Durability Soft drinks.png

      0H                0.5H              1H              1.5H              2H

Hot water

Durability hot water .png

      0H                0.5H             1H               1.5H             2H


 Biodegradable Test

Bio 1_edited.jpg
Bio 2_edited.jpg
Bio 3_edited.jpg
Bio 4_edited.jpg
Bio 5_edited.jpg
Bio 6_edited.jpg

As Featured on

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Quality Management System: ISO 9001
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Good Manufacturing Practice
Food Safety Management System
Halal Certification
USDA Certified Biobased Product
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